At long last knew the challenge after talking to a Russian guy who was simply staying in Lithuania for some time

At long last knew the challenge after talking to a Russian guy who was simply staying in Lithuania for some time

The women

The first thing you observe about Lithuanian girls would be that theyaˆ™re incredibly breathtaking. How to explain all of them is to say that theyaˆ™re some type of a cross between Ukrainian and Russian with a bit of Scandinavian combined in.

They have this aˆ?Northernaˆ? turn to they. Tall cheekbones, light blue eyes, white skin.

There are times when I actually felt that nearly every lady could possibly be a supermodel. They’re also very female and know how to dress when fun, etc.

Theyaˆ™re furthermore large. Incredibly high. I think Lithuanians are among the highest people in European countries. It had beennaˆ™t uncommon become in the middle of women that are all at least 5aˆ™10 and over. Therefore, should youaˆ™re a man whoaˆ™s on a shorter measure (below 5aˆ™8), youaˆ™ll feel it: individuals will end up being hanging above your.

But anything stored bothering me personally throughout my personal stay. I found myself in Eastern Europe, although women didnaˆ™t behave east European: they performednaˆ™t act like the women from inside the other Eastern europe free Polyamorous dating apps like Romania, Ukraine, and Russia. For a long time, I couldnaˆ™t ascertain exactly why. Everything is lining up: I became in Eastern Europe, in an old Soviet Union nation; some of these girls even spoke Russian, yet they performednaˆ™t react Eastern European.

At long last knew the problem after talking-to a Russian guy who was simply located in Lithuania for a while. Their impact ended up being that Russian and Ukrainian women are considerably aˆ?gentleaˆ? and aˆ?feminine.aˆ? He’d some trouble explaining their experiences, but we understood just what he had been writing about. Russian and Ukrainian women can be considerably more elegant; Lithuanian women are a little more Westernized. The real difference trynaˆ™t huge, however, if youaˆ™ve spent some time in Russian and Ukraine, youraˆ™ll positively notice it.

The culprit could be climate. Lithuania is located the whole way in north European countries so itaˆ™s brutally cold almost all of the season. The summertimes become wonderful and nice but brief. Understandably, the folks adjust and turn more reserved, versus say the chatty Italians or Spaniards.

However, there hasnaˆ™t been another country where Iaˆ™ve viewed countless stunning ladies in one room. I possibly could actually getting strolling regarding the street and convinced to my self, that female could easily be a model, or that lady, or that female. They might be that breathtaking. But theyaˆ™re furthermore a little more Westernized than their Eastern counterparts. Today, whether you think about that as an advantage or a disadvantage is completely for you to decide.

What sort of people carry out they prefer?

Lithuanian females arenaˆ™t like Russian or Ukrainian lady whoaˆ™re recognized to go insane over people from other countries (or used). Furthermore, Lithuania is actuallynaˆ™t popular place to go for overseas boys whoaˆ™re looking for a wife, like the above mentioned Slavic countries.

From everything I observed while I ended up being residing around, Lithuanian female like their boys. Iaˆ™ve hardly ever seen one or two which was various battle or nationality. Merely Lithuanians along with other Lithuanians.

I recognize that some Lithuanian girls like taking a trip abroad, mostly to The country of spain (some also check-out Italy, although not just as much). Whenever I stayed in Barcelona some time ago, I seen a lot of Lithuanian people making use of their Spanish men.

Lithuanians also have immigrated to spots particularly Denmark and The united kingdomt; in London, you will find entire Lithuanian communities of people who decided on The united kingdomt over their nation.

Although, we donaˆ™t believe females immigrated indeed there especially considering English males; it actually was generally to own a much better existence in a richer nation.

Although Lithuania (along with other Baltic region) arenaˆ™t big friends with Russiaaˆ”at the very least when it comes to politicsaˆ”I did read Russian and Lithuanian couples. Among my pals are a Lithuanian guy just who hitched a Russian lady.

Hence, unlike Polish lady whoaˆ™re crazy about anything Spanish, itaˆ™s really hard to identify a specific version of man who’s destined to win Lithuanian girlsaˆ™ cardio.

Encounter women every day

As I lived-in Lithuania, I’d a rule where I would address no less than two females everyday (or whenever we moved outside). Due to this behavior, I honed in my own approaching abilities and comprehended precisely what performs and what doesnaˆ™t with regards to concerned conference females throughout the day.

The first thing you have to know is that Lithuanian female arenaˆ™t always becoming cold approached. Nobody does it in Lithuania, so they could well be very questionable if a random people stopped all of them and began asking for instructions. It simply doesnaˆ™t happen in the united states.

Therefore, you need to be ready to provide the lady additional aˆ?warm-upaˆ? opportunity after your strategy. Otherwise, she could be taken completely off-guard and escape.

When you felt that she’s warmed up, go ahead and query their that which you wished to query the woman instance information to a store or if perhaps thereaˆ™s a very good coffee shop nearby. If she shows interest, keep mentioning immediately after which tell this lady that youaˆ™re a foreigner whoaˆ™s right here on a simple visit or you stay here as well.

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